With cool concept stores, it’s almost the same as with avocado toasts in fancy hipster cafés these days – in other words: There’s no getting past! So, in times, where building up new friendships is only a matter clicks, where the cute blouse on top of your wishlist can be easily ordered to your doorstep and where one of the greatest struggles is, whether Amazon Now will deliver the snacks and drinks for the weekend in time, local retailers and small concept stores (the really cool ones, not those that resemble avocado toasts..) have to explore new ways of presenting themselves and their philosophy to their customers. This is why we’re constantly planning new projects, that make you as a customer a vital part of the BEAN store and that create an interface between retailer and buyer, such as events at our store, new shop window decorations, collaborations with artists and designers and so on. Most recently we’re working on making the BEAN Store transparent and interactive in every respect. Therefore, we will soon integrate some personal profiles of the BEANS on our website (as we already mentioned), we will present our designerst o you in our BEAN talks, we try to interact with you on Social Media and we embeded a playlist of Laura’s brother, who is a music producer, on our website. Thus, we try to not only to offer you high-quality products, but friendship, warmth and good content. And let’s just say there are some more projects planned, which will contribute especially to the latter one….