To the ending of april, some people connect the hope for better (and definitely more stable) weather conditions, some the anticipation for the first barbecue-sessions. To some others the beginning of may might signify the official permission to put those rain coats and dark colors to bed and commit oneself to springlike patterns and shapes and to some people the beginning of may only means the start of WEDDING-SEASON. And even though there are mixed views on the bond of marriage, one can’t deny that this year’s wedding-season is special – and the media is thankfully reminding us of this fact on a regular basis: Meghan Markle will say yes to her Prince Harry. To everyone who has been caught by the „wedding-fever“ or is simply in search of some nice dresses and jewelry for special occasions: We have the beauties you’re looking for in stock! What about some nice necklace by Lea Koehn? Or a customized cloth by Atelier Kaldewey that will for sure be an unique one? Also, we love this elegant blue dress by Jungle Folks or this khaki-colored overall by Mykke Hofmann. So, come by and convince yourselves that there are a million ways to pay tribute to this year’s wedding season!


Pictures: PR