Let’s face it: In our everyday lives, we all have too little time to read or to confront ourselves with stories of other people. And if there would be some extra time, we mostly just prefer sitting on our couches, putting our brains back to neutral and letting Netflix work its magic – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But this magazine is definitely a reason to overthink this habit: „Wunder“ is a magazine, founded and develloped by 17-year-old Oliver and his sister Janina Tippl which shows a series of portraits taken only by Munich-based photographer Christopher Schaller. The idea behind it? Every human being is a miracle (german: Wunder) and has his or her own story to tell. That’s why the magazine contains portraits as well as editorials and, thus, combining asthetic with profound content. For anybody who is interested in well researched and produced interviews and stories, the independent-magazine offers a huge variety of people. An example is the face on the cover of the first issue: Julius Gerhardt, a topmodel who got burned while spraying on a train. The personalities introduced within the magazine are neither bound to a certain age nor to any other sociodemographical feature, which makes it even more unique. The only guiding principle is that every shot is taken by Christopher Schaller – and that each story is worth reading! We can’t wait for the first issue “Timeless” to be published in spring 2018 (about 15 euros via an own online-shop as well as via selected book and concept stores).

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