When people start taking up their social lives again, going to gym on a regulary basis and swapping the beloved Netflix sweatpants (that have become your best friend during these dark and lonely days) against a cute jeans, we know it’s time: Sping is around the corner! And similar to a wounded warrior after some though times of battle, we’re slowly awakaning from our winter-dilirium in order to start taking care of ourselves again. Therefore, we put together a list of must-buys that will make your start into a new and better season a lot easier:

  1. Let’s start with a classic: Get yourself one of our new Kaibosh sunglasses.
  2. Apart from just your mental well-being, your lips will be damaged really badly. We recommend a natural and handmade lipbalm by I Want You Naked.
  3. Spring time is bomber jacket time – we have a new one by Closed in stock!
  4. While winter is predestined to be the time of dark colours, we’re now in love with colours, such as red or blue (or green, or yellow, or orange… you get what we mean). So, why don’t buy one of our new scarves by Blasy Design?
  5. Taking about colours, we should also mention, that there’s going to be a new collaboration with OZN and let’s just say that something green is coming up… Needless to say that this nail polish is going to be a spring essential.
  6.  As your lips are well supplied with the new lipbalm, we should now take care of our hair, which has suffered from blow drying sessions and beanies. If this ist he case you should try our hair products by Sacha Juan – we promise that you won’t regret!
  7. And finally of course, one of our beautiful items by our new jewellery brand – felicious jewellery!