It’s official: We’re absolutely in the mood for introducing new categories on our website! So after our new column „Moni has BEAN thinking“, we’re now happy to present the first edition of „Laura has BEAN choosing“. Within this category we’ll reveal every little detail concerning Laura and her fashion preferences such as all-time favorite items, preferred colors, outfits worn on special occasions, firsts, wrong choices, beloved labels and everything else that might be interesting for you!

So, let’s start off with the question of Laura’s favorite color. Very attentive Bean Store friends might now already guess that the obvious answer to it is GREEN (copper being the only possible alternative). Green, the color of harmony and balance at first glance seems to be the complete opposite of Laura’s lively personality, but maybe it’s exactly this contrast which makes the color so appealing to her. And if it’s not the contrast to her personality, it’s for sure the extreme contrast to her reddish hair… or maybe a little bit of both.

The color has been present in her life ever since as this cute picture in the bottom proves and for that reason Laura has also chosen to wear a green dress on the opening day of the Bean Store in May 2015. Dresses are somehow a thing for her, too, but more on that next time.

Especially a subtle green can easily be combined with summery patterns such as stripes or floral prints, denim or even other colors such as rose, orche or light blue – because we already know that this season is full of colors.

In addition, green captures the current zeitgeist more than any other color, combining the yearning for peace, restarts and love for nature within a constantly speeding up society that is defined by technical processes and the lives that are established on social media. That’s probably why Pantone chose „Greenery“ to be the color of the year. But take that Pantone, what you noticed only some months ago, Laura has felt all along: THE BEAN LIFE IS A GREEN LIFE!