Besides the scarves and socks with bee prints, there are some other new arrivals by Stine Goya at our store, such as this beautiful dress! We are in the mood for black – even though it’s summer. And here are three reasons, why we all literally have to go back to black:

  1. Opposed to what most of the people think, black isn’t the color of sadness and desolation – on the contrary! It signifies the start of something new and the roots to new life.


  1. People who wear black very often are usually more creative.


  1. Black is also playing an important role when it comes to technological innovations within the fashion sector. A lot of designers are working on clothes that are even more black than black such as Phoebe Hess with her viperblack t-shirt for example.

…And there are much more reasons to love black and prove that its meanig goes far beyond being the color worn at funerals!