Autumn always has two major struggles in store: First, the challenge of finding enough different soup-recipes to cover an entire week, month or even season and second the problem of styling one’s hair adequately – meaning: avoiding frizzy hair on rainy days, keeping the head warm and simultaneously looking good. To everyone who now thinks that the soup-recipe-thing seems to be the easier one: Those new headbands by Atelier Kaldewey prove you wrong! We didn’t only love the colorful summer counterpart, but are absolutely covinced that they are the perfect way to get through those autumn days in the most stylish manner. They complete every look and protect our heads from cold winds. And the best thing: They come in two different versions, namely a classical headband and a modified one which serves as a headband in winter and can be worn as a bikini in summer! That’s what we call a gamechanger!