There can be several reasons for changing a name: Either to change an image, to indicate the start of something new, a marriage, a divorce or simply because one prefers to be called by the second or nickname rather than the behated first name, one could never really identify with. In the case of our new label, it was due to the combination of several reason that „Holygost“ (Ring a bell here?) turned into Mykke Hofmann, and let’s just say the new collections live up to the new name! While „Holygost“ seemed to be rather an abstract conception, Mykke Hofmann (also as a name) embraces a powerful woman, who is feminine, individual, subtle and – above all – real. Thus, the items by Sedina Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann, the two founders, stand for slow fashion with a character that wants to make women feel comfortable instead of dressing them up – because that’s what they deserve, just as Mykke Hofmann deserves to be presented at our store. We love it and hope you do so, too!

Picture above: Courtesy of Mykke Hofmann