Hands up: Who has always felt that the best ideas come when drinking? What might sound like a half-hearted excuse to have that unplanned third or forth glass of wine is actually proven by our new brand „Eat Dust“. Not only that the name is catchy, unique and a little cheeky – it also came to Rob and Keith (the two founders) when they were having a beer in their local bar. And that’s also when they develloped their signature handelbar stiching on the back of a beer coaster. Rob and Keith have always wanted to built something up for themselves and by means of their label „Eat Dust“ they are able to realise that every single day. By the way: They are still running the company! Come by and check out what their aesthetic is about.

And to everyone who’s still considering to have some drinks tonight (or any other) – we heard that it boosts creativitiy … and then all of a sudden something awesome is arising!


Picture above: Courtesy of Eat Dust