Actually, we don’t pay much attention to what we say. We’re masters when it comes to rambling, making excuses, brownnosing or persuading. We twitter, snap and send voice messages. Maybe we care more about hashtags than we do about swearwords. In the age of Instagram, Snapchat and Co., words may be slower and supposedly less spectecular than pictures, but they hold a power and a charme, that nothing else can compete with. Mette Thomsen, founder of our new label Design Letters, is of the same opinion. Having worked as copy writer and journalist, she has always been really passionate about language and design. With her label, she intends to combine both. That’s why she was the first to launch a series of monochrome letters, that revolutionized the by multicolored letters for kids’ wall decoration dominated world of interior design.  Today, Design Letters stands for unique collections within Living, Stationery, Furniture as well as Kids Designs.