Stine Goya No.2


Besides the scarves and socks with bee prints, there are some other new arrivals by Stine Goya at our store, such as this beautiful dress! We are in the mood for black – even though it’s summer. And here are three reasons, why we all literally have to go back to black: Opposed to what …

Stine Goya


May all BEANS find their BEES: We are in love with the new items by Stine Goya! And to be honest, the last days have proven that even in summer, a cute pair of socks or a light scarve won’t do us no harm. Notworthy to mention that neither does our BEAN honey, but that …

New Column

Moni has BEAN thinking

May we introduce – the first edition of our new column: Moni has BEAN thinking! So, from now on, you’ll find a series of columns about all topics that concern our daily lives here on our website. We hope you enjoy it! „Wenn man über heutige Generationen spricht, fallen früher oder später die Worte beziehungsunfähig, …

Form Of Interest


There are some classical combinations that will never grow old, such as fries and open-air pools, sundays and Netflix or summer and striped clothes. Especially this season, stripes celebrate a comeback and are therefore an absolute wardrobe essential. And which cloth is better on hot summer days than a light and casual dress that doesn’t …

Summer Essentials


Apart from a sweaty skin and the inofficial permisson to have alcohol even before noon, summer time can usually be characterized by an increasing unwillingness to care about clothes or make-up – so much for the „everything is better in summer“-thing! Life suddenly seems so much bigger and brighter, that a proper styling appears to …

Uhrwerk Selected


It’s time – watch(es) out! They are the white basic tees, the nude-colored bras, the well-fitting blue jeans among the accessories. In other words – they are an absolute essential within our daily lives: watches. There’s probably no other accessory that we wear as regularly as a watch – except for wedding rings or other …



Something with velvet and a little girl’s smile – those words, which are very reminiscient of a famous song, are the perfect summary of the new jewellery collection by the Munich-based brand Cocii. We love the label for its pureness and its decent interplay with shapes and forms. Our new BEAN STORE favorite is the …

Summer Sale


At this point of the season, sale signs in the shop windows are nothing special anymore. We have kind of gotten used to the big red letters indicating up to 70% price reduction as well as to the tumult and rummage table-atmosphere whithin the shops. And somewhere between the fight for the last item in …



It’s official: Our „BRRRP!“-sweater in collaboration with Gym Yilmaz is Munich’s hottest it-piece – and this even in summer time. It seems like they finally know, what we’ve known all along!   Thank you, Cosmopolitan and Kerstin Rothkopf.

MM17 x Bean Store


At latest when we see people walking by in unfavorably tight tights, combining stripes with check or chosing to wear socks in sandals (although this one is can meanwhile be regarded as trend), we are all reminded that fashion lies in the eye of the beholder. And although we always tend to compare other people’s …