Laura has BEAN choosing

A dress to impress! Last time we have already alluded to the fact, that apart from the color green, Laura has a weakness for dresses. This might be the result of growing up in a city where the first dirndl dress (picture in the bottom) is just as important as the first bra or the first item …

Long Bean Shopping


Wenn die Nacht zum Tag wird! Denken wir heute an unsere Kindheit zurück, erinnern wir uns vermutlich als erstes an Gameboys, Matschhosen und schlechte Frisuren. Vielleicht fallen dem ein oder anderen noch Gummitwist-Conteste oder Hickelhäuschen-Sessions im Freien ein, vor allem der Tatsache geschuldet, dass kindliche Akrobatik heute immer irgendetwas mit Zeigefingern und einem Display zu …

New Week, New Luck


Here we go again, Monday! A new week of work is ahead and to everyone who struggles to have all appointments on radar or just wants to appear more organized (Guilty as charged!), we recommend one of our beautiful notebooks by the Munich-based label Real Passionates. … Because we want you to JUST FUCKING OWN this …

FNY Festival


Be there, do that… Today’s the day – make sure you don’t miss the start of the FNY Festival. For everyone who loves good music, even better people and – above all – Munich. And just in case there’s still doubt: The drinks will be very nice, too! Let’s make those days count!  

The Last Days of Summer


Let’s face it: Autumn’s coming. At this time of the year, there are two kinds of people: Those who start moping and become best friends with their couches. And then there are those, who decide to make the last days of summer count and then be ready to look forward to the next season’s benefits. We surely …

The Boyscouts


What’s every woman’s stying goals? Right, combining elegance with coolness, paying attention to trends while simultaneously maintaining individuality and, at best, giving the impression that the choice of accessories and clothes has been completely effortless. What sounds like a life-time challenge (and probably is) has become the signature of one of our favorite jewelry labels: …

Form Of Interest


There are news from another universe: Come by and convince yourselves of the new sweater by our all-time favorite label Form Of Interest!

Cursor & Thread


As long as I got my bow and tie… … is not only something Justin Timberlake might say at this point, but every one who’s having a look at our new arrivals by Cursor & Thread. The bow ties, french knots and suspenders are colorful, handmade and unique, which is only one reason why we …



The BEAN STYLE is IN STYLE! Winter’s coming… or at least autumn is! And let’s be honest – who doesn’t secretly wish for anti-skid boots and layering-approved jeans jackets that simultaneously look stylish?



There are two things which make packing for holidays a real struggle. First, choosing on the right clothes and second making all one’s cosmetics fit into a small suitcase. Concerning the first one, there is fraction „it’s-impossible-to-decide-today-which-clothes-I’m-about-to-wear-during-my-holiday-so-I’d-better-prepare-for-every-opportunity“ (Guilty as charged!) and those, who have already planned every outfit in advance. With regard to cometics on …