There’s no color more cliché-laden than pink. Almost instinctively we associate it with barbies, baby girl rompers, sticky cotton candy or almost anything else we would have killed for as a child. Because pink goes with girls like summer with ice cream or Munich with beer. But since recently, the meaning of this color has undergone a change, due to the omnipresent topic of feminism. On account of women’s movements like the women’s march, hairy advertising campaigns, designer statements on the runways and more female-power-slash-girl-boss-slash-insert-any-other-slogan-about-feminism statement shirts than one can possibly buy, pussies have become a symbol of strengh and pink a state of mind that captures the zeitgeist better than any other color. All of a sudden, pink isn’t neat, shy and girly any longer but brave, loud and modern. That’s why it shouldn’t be missing in our spring wardrobes! We love the idea that even a stereotyped color like pink can be reconsidered and, thus, given a new vibe. And of course the fact that we can set free the little girls in us, who always waited for the return of pink as color of the moment – here we go, girls!