Call us crazy, but the latest addition to our product range is one of the best ever: It’s functional, pleasing all senses and created in the oldest manufactory of Austria. In other words: It’s the must-have soap of this season – the Anchor Soap by dearsoap! It comes with a flowery spicy smell, an environmental …



In life, there is no second chance, they say – well, we say differently: In case you’ve missed our live painting event on Friday (Shame on you!), you can now at least admire our lovely shop window and even buy some of the paintings by Larissa van der Laan. They make a perfect present and …

Servus, I Beans!


Do you know the feeling of completely falling for something? Like that aperitif you drank on your last holiday or those cute shoes you have been admiring in the shop window ever since? Our latest crush – or rather love – is the new Bean Store t-shirt, which we have already introduced to you some …



Today’s the day on which we’re taking shop window decoration – or rather „creation“ – to another level. As we already introduced, we’ll have beautiful Larissa van der Laan painting our window! So, come by at 4:30 pm and enjoy the perfect mixture of art, fashion, music and great company at our store. We’re waiting …

Pia Showroom


When a boho lifestyle comes in stylish bags and shoes, which are additionally organic and fair trade, we call it a perfect summer match! Come by and shop those beauties by Pia Showroom.

Live Painting


Fashion is art and art is fashion: In times in which pictures are pimped by Instagram Facefilters and music is played on command by smart speakers, everything can serve as canvas! As you know, we have already had a series of cooperations with artists such as Wolf Gaertner or Nathalie Jäckle, where our shop window …

Bean There Worn That


BEAN THERE, WORN THAT VOL.2 – with beautiful architect Seda! Come by and shop her look: Blazer: MM6 350€ Dress: Miryamdesign 150€ Sandals: Ivylee Copenhagen 130€   Pictures below: PR

Fashion Show


Fashion enthusiasts beware – we know what you’ll be doing tonight: Take part in a fashion show project „Candyshop“ by the Faculty of Design in cooperation with the Bean Store. The topic? One’s favorite jeans – and let’s be honest: That’s definitely something everyone can identify with! So, come by tonight at 7pm at Münchner Freiheit …



When fairness meets fashion and the love for nature is translated into design: „M“ seeks to create items that are longlasting – in every respect. This means, that basics such as black slip dresses, white t-shirts or basic bodies are made out of organic materials, resulting in garnments that will be loved and worn every …

Servus I Beans


Servus, I Beans a Munich enthusiast, an advocate for logo love and of course a Bean Store fan, who is always up for some humour: SERVUS, I BEANS, THE COOLEST T-SHIRT OF THE SUMMER. This is only the first draft, so stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on the final look and the release date …