Hey Kids


The truth is: No one ever grows up completely. And our newest collaboration with Munich-based graphic artist Gabe (That rings a bell? He also created the temporary tattoos for our little Beans for example!) is a tribute to the little kid  living in all of us and a wonderful reminder that life shouldn’t be taken …

Lea Koehn


There’s no way to deny it: Jewellery makes one of the best Christmas presents – especially if it is as beautiful as our newest items by jewellery designer Lea Koehn! Come by and have a look at the lovely necklaces – regardless of whether it’s for you or for your beloved ones. And another all-time …



That fashion and art are an excellent combination is no secret anymore. That’s why we’re happy to introduce you to a new member within our product range: The lovely pictures by Feiness, a Munich-based label by Vanessa Seuffert who takes photographs of Munich from a very unique angle and transforms them into an artwork that …

Maska & Atelier Kaldewey


We love our new arrivals by Maska and this new bandeau made by Atelier Kaldewey – the perfect combination for a cold, but stylish, winterday! And an even better addition? This sunglasses by Kaibosh… because it’s never the wrong time to shop cool sunglasses!

Little Beans Rattles


May there BE AN amazing new „Little Beans“ rattle …. and here it is! Can you guess who was the inspiration behind it?

Mondino Amaro


When italian tradition and the laid-back Bavarian lifestlye are combined and result in some product involving alcohol, one can definitely speak of the perfect Christmas present. And here it is: The Mondino Amaro – a bitter-aperitif whose appeal lies in the high-quality ingredients and the unique taste, namely a mix of herbs and citrus fruits. If that’s …

Bean Store x Schiesser


Admit it: You’ve already been wondering when there’s going to be the next legendary event at our store – probably because you’re missing the friendly atmosphere, the great talks, even better music and the free drinks. But don’t worry, we feel you! That’s why we’re happy to say that there’s going to be an event …

Els & Nel


The same procedure as every year… It’s that time of the year again, where people can’t wait to listen to the first Christmas songs, drink the first (and surely not last) mulled wines and maybe even to start talking about New Year’s Eve plans without being officially declared as crazy. We – for our part- …

Shop Window Decoration


A window of shop can be compared to the eyes of a person – in other words: It is something like the proverbial mirror to the shop’s soul. It’s so much more than just a space to present the newest items – it’s a means of communication between customer and seller, where creativity and lifeblood …

Save The Week


High five to friendship! 5 days – 50 products- each one for 50 euro! Because we have BEAN creative and Black Friday has always BEAN mainstream…