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Save Tonight


We hope to see all of you and your friends tonight at the URBAN JUNGLE Pop-Up… with all of our favorite Munich labels! No excuses – come by and say hi. You’ll find more information on Facebook.



We might not be ready for autumn yet, but we’re definitely ready for these beauties by NORR. Our favorites? This cord jacket, the comfy sweater and a presumably classic blouse which is given an unique twist. Plus: They are green!

Best Of Jewelry


There’s no such thing as „enough jewelry“ – that’s why we’d like to introduce a new label within our product range: Artaps! Not only that the jewels are simply beautiful, the Spanish label recycles cds and, thus, gives old objects a new context. Each jewel is handcrafted and unique and definitely brings some summery vibes …

Sooth & Ivy Lee


The fact that summer is slowly passing by, won’t decrease our love for summery clothes. That’s why we love the new items by Sooth, which have just arrived to our store. And our love for new shoes will definitely not decrease either – no matter which season! Come by and have a look at the …

Basy Cashmere


Buying a new accerssory and equally doing something good to children in Nepal? That’s possible by buying one of the lovely cashmere scarves by Basy. The items are all made of 100% cashmere and inspire with their charity-based approach to fashion. 10€ of each purchase will be donated to the Children and Youth Welfare Association …

Green Forest


Sustainable, Spanish, smart – that’s short for the label „Green Forest“, which doesn’t only impress with a modern approach to fashion or great design but with a nice packaging as well. An overall coherent concept: We’re „green with love“!



Belts are one of the classics within the wide range of accessories – but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Let’s say goodbye to the times of uni-colored mainstream belts and welcome some summery freshness to our closets: The sustainable and handcrafted belts by the Spanish label „Bughambilia“ are one of the most …



With the month of August slowly passing by, the anticipation for the „Wiesn“-season is increasing – and so is also the presence of the most important question: No, this is not (only) about how many „Maß“ one can handle, but which kind of jacket to wear in combination with one’s dirndl. In case of the …



What we love about our new label Forvert? It’s rather an attitude towards life than simple clothing. The pieces combine experiences and emotions with streetwear looks and high-quality design. But we’re not giving away too much yet – come by and convince yourselves!   Picture above: Courtesy of Forvert