Holiday Essentials


In the mood for… …. holidays – so, let’s do some bag packing here! From sunglasses to facial soaps to fashionable sandals: We can’t decide which items are our favorites. What are your holiday essentials?

Pop-Up Seats


Rather old, but still gold – or copper. Or green. Or yellow. Or any other striking color that will brighten up your mood immediately. The pop-up seats are the best way to give more color to your everyday life with a very useful object, namely a chair. They are an absolute Bean Store all-time favorite. …



Underneath your clothes there’s an endless story …and it’s written by Schiesser. The panties and shirts are rightly absolute classics!

Stylefinds Fashionwalks


It’s official: We found the best way to discover Munich’s coolest places – or more precisely: stores! So, to everyone who always wonders where to find those hidden and rare boutiques that fascinate with unique and local items instead of mass fashion and bargain counters, you should definitely consider taking part in the STYLEFINDS FASHIONWALKS …

Temporary Contemporary


Let’s face it: In a world of Zara sales, H&M-designer-collaborations and stars launching their own fashion and cosmetic labels (yes, basically the Kardashians), young and local brands are having a tough time – even though their items are convincing right down the line. That’s why Kathrin Heubeck and Claudia Lassner from Cocii Jewelry decided to …

Elisabeth Sandmann Verlag


Inspiring photography, bold stories and a unique view on art and design within nowadays society – that’s what the books by Elisabeth Sandmann Verlag provide. Thus, they are the perfect lecture for all smart women out there, who want to go one step farther and strive to look beyond continuing social media phenomenons such as …

Fashion Session


The Beans know best: Those freezing temperatures are still far away from spoiling our love for colors – and above all: for fashion! Come by and check out our new arrivals – here presented by lovely Laura and Magdalena. Talking about Magdalena: Did you know that there has lately BEAN an addition to our store …

Amorph Berlin


Clean, casual and occasionally with a touch af extravagance – that’s how one could describe our new label Amorph Berlin. And if it’s hip, subtle cool and most likely to generate a new hype, there’s only one city it can possibly come from (given that it’s not from Munich, of course): Berlin! With a focus …

Mykke Hofmann


There can be several reasons for changing a name: Either to change an image, to indicate the start of something new, a marriage, a divorce or simply because one prefers to be called by the second or nickname rather than the behated first name, one could never really identify with. In the case of our …

Maska & Sooth Munich


One of the best parts of our work? The moment of the arrival of a new collection – and let’s be honest: Everyone who has already recieved a big online shopping order knows what we’re talking about! It’s always exciting to see how the labels embrace the new season’s trends while simultaneously sticking to their …