Form Of Interest


There are news from another universe: Come by and convince yourselves of the new sweater by our all-time favorite label Form Of Interest!

Cursor & Thread


As long as I got my bow and tie… … is not only something Justin Timberlake might say at this point, but every one who’s having a look at our new arrivals by Cursor & Thread. The bow ties, french knots and suspenders are colorful, handmade and unique, which is only one reason why we …



The BEAN STYLE is IN STYLE! Winter’s coming… or at least autumn is! And let’s be honest – who doesn’t secretly wish for anti-skid boots and layering-approved jeans jackets that simultaneously look stylish?



There are two things which make packing for holidays a real struggle. First, choosing on the right clothes and second making all one’s cosmetics fit into a small suitcase. Concerning the first one, there is fraction „it’s-impossible-to-decide-today-which-clothes-I’m-about-to-wear-during-my-holiday-so-I’d-better-prepare-for-every-opportunity“ (Guilty as charged!) and those, who have already planned every outfit in advance. With regard to cometics on …



Those days are a lot about what it means to be a woman. Does one have to be a self-confessed feminist (and with self-confessed we basically mean striking prints, Pink Pussy Hats or „Girl Power“ hashtags)? Does one have to take part in public discussions on body shapes? Does one have to make social media …



Munich has never been cooler than this summer. Never have there been more events, parties, street life festival, garage sales, outdoor bars and so on, that even make people from Berlin green with envy. But this festival takes Munich’s newly found coolness to another level: Starting the 1st of September until the 10th of September, …

City Tour With Laura


They see me rollin’… You might have already noticed that Laura has a lot of things to share when it comes to talking about Munich – this includes store recommendations, favorite spots, cultural or historical information and so on. If you haven’t gotten enough of it – and we’re sure you haven’t – you should …

New Column No. 2

Moni has BEAN thinking

Es gibt einen gewissen Punkt im Leben, an dem man glaubt einigermaßen zu wissen, wer man eigentlich ist. Oder man hat irgendwann einfach aufgehört darüber nachzudenken. Wie über den Tod und das Leben. Früher, als man jung war, hat man sich immer gefragt, was eigentlich nach dem Tod passiert und sich mit einem beklemmenden Gefühl …

New Category

Laura has BEAN choosing

It’s official: We’re absolutely in the mood for introducing new categories on our website! So after our new column „Moni has BEAN thinking“, we’re now happy to present the first edition of „Laura has BEAN choosing“. Within this category we’ll reveal every little detail concerning Laura and her fashion preferences such as all-time favorite items, …



Summertime is all about the right bags. Whether it be the perfect picnic basket for an afternoon spent with friends, the cute clutch bag that’s best to take for sundowners or the spacious weekender bag which is crying out for short Garda Lake getaways – in summer every model will find its justification. Even if …