FUNK x Bean Store


It’s official: Seeing well and looking good is from now on even more closely related to another than one can already guess. At every purchase at our store, you’ll be given a 10% discount voucher for the glasses at FUNK and vice versa. Because the only thing better than new summer clothes is new summer clothes …

Summer Sale


The same procedure as every year: Summer’s only here for some weeks and the summer sale has already started. Not that that’s a bad thing – on the contrary: Summer sale is the best excuse to stroll around some air-conditioned shops instead of feeling forced to spend every free minute in the burning sun. By …

Herr und Frau Rio x Bean Store


What do Christmas, birthdays, weddings, holidays and so on all have in common? Right, the struggle of finding the most suitable greeting card. There’s one part in us, that is constantly reminding us of the fact that most of the people will throw greeting cards away after reading – so why even bothering? And then there’s …

Favorite Munich Guides


Everyone living in a city knows the struggle of always going to the same places, bars, cafes, restaurants and so on. Basically, there’s nothing wrong about it, considering that they seem to satisfy us – and there’s no need to change a winning team, they say. But as much as one loves his or her favorite …

Form of Interest


Have you every wondered what would happen if two universes collide? It’ll probably result in a little chaos, combined with a big bang and the development of something new – maybe even something greater. The latter one is at least true for the new limited items that Jessica Dettinger designed for the Bean Store: The Asymmetrical Saturn …



Abgesehen von Feminismus, Body Shaming und den neuen Wahlplakaten der CDU, gibt es wohl kaum ein Thema, das die Gesellschaft aktuell mehr beschäftigt als „Green Consumption“. Dass es hierbei inzwischen um mehr geht, als vegane Tofu-Burger und Yoga-praktizierende Umweltschützer in Öko-Sandalen, dürfte jedem klar sein. Nachhaltigkeit ist längst vom belächelten Minderheitenthema zum wichtigen Gesellschaftstrend avanciert …

Espadrilles by La Palmerie


The struggle with summer shoes is that no matter how pretty they are, they always seem to be missing a proper foodbed or sole profile. That means we’re either constantly concentrating on not to slip and fall at every opportunity or on only walking as little as possible in order to avoid foot pain (whereby …

Places In Munich


Time for another edition of our „BEANS‘ favorite places in Munich“. Especially on sunny days, Moni loves to stroll around the Pinakotheken and the Königsplatz or to go for some ice cream at Ice Date’s – a vegan ice cream store that makes delicious flavors (favorite: almond vanilla!). She thinks that mild summer evenings are best to spend …

Kaldewey Handcrafted


There’s no other season within a year, in which we care so much about our hair as in summer. Either it’s too long and, thus, sticky and sweaty in our faces or it’s a boring mess – but not in a cool natural beach waves kind of way, of course. As cool as all those …

Form Of Interest


„Face your universe“ – that’s the motto of the new limited Assymetrical Saturn Shirt by our beloved label Form of Interest. Not only that it’s of an unique shape, it also comes in one of the best summer colors: lilac. So, you’d better be quick… Let’s face it – the BEANS‘ universe is cooler than yours!