We’re PRRRoud to be able to support such a great cause: Boxing and integration. Therefore, we donated our favorite shirts and want to once again remember the fact that love is always stronger than hate. Have a good week!

BEAN prepared!


From brown to beige to delicate rose – our wardrobe is ready for a springlike upgrate. What about these beauties by Forte Forte, Jungle Folks or La Palmerie?

Sooth Munich x Bean Store


Summer has just been giving us a taste of what is going to expect us the upcoming months, namely ice cream, sunburns and much shorter clothes! Regarding the latter one, we have some new favorites by Sooth Munich in stock, such as this striped button-down skirt with a little French attitude or this smartly knotted …

Hello Spring


The first walk next to the the banks of the river Isar, the first beer in the beer garden next door, the first stroll through the English Garden with one’s favorite ice cream – we just can’t get enough of Munich during spring time! And what color could pay better tribute to this feeling of love and warmth than pink? Come by and check out our favorite spring essentials by Kathrin Heubeck, Cursor and Thread and Co.

Ina Koelln Journal


Here’s to everyone who thinks that fashion is superficial, thoughtless and money-driven: Our new label Ina Koelln does not only prove that sustainable bag design is chic (especially in summer!), but also provides some background information on the label’s philosophy, fashion in Lisboa, nice stories about the products or general thoughts on the development of …

Ina Koelln


We found the physical corporation of summer: cork! Yes, we definitely think that if summer would be a material, it would be cork. It does not only aesthetically go well with those first days of spring, it is also sustainable and stylish – at least if it’s manufactured by our new label Ina Koelln. The …

Sooth Munich x Bean Store


Thanks for joining our event in cooperation with Sooth Munich! We love the new collection – and think that the sunny weather deserves to be honored by some new clothes. Come by!

Jungle Folk


We have already introduced you to our new label Jungle Folk – but in case you forgot: It’s all about sustainablity, handicraft and fairness – in every respect: The materials used are all natural and the artisians and sewers are employed in small workshops in Colombia, which helps them to sustain their families. We love …

Sooth Munich at Bean Store


We know what you’re about to do tonight… Come to our SPRING SUMMER KICK OFF PARTY at the fabulous Bean Store! Discover the fair fashion collection and enjoy drinks and some little treats. Let’s party together! The place to be: 05.04.2018 at 05:00 pm  Bean Store Theresienstraße 25 80333 München See you tonight!

Eat Dust


Hands up: Who has always felt that the best ideas come when drinking? What might sound like a half-hearted excuse to have that unplanned third or forth glass of wine is actually proven by our new brand „Eat Dust“. Not only that the name is catchy, unique and a little cheeky – it also came …