Outfit Goals


We’re in love with our new arrivals by Libertine Libertine, Hope and Lea Koehn Jewelry for example – as well as with our all-time favorites such as the Bea Bühler bag or the Atelier Kaldewey headband. And one thing is for sure: They make a perfect match!

Quite Something


Everyone who always thinks of the proverbial glass as „half-full“ rather than „half-empty“, beware: There’s a new magazine and it resonates with all of you! The first edition of „quite something“ produced by the three Munich-based  art directors Laura Ofenreiter, Ruby Weidemann and Miriam Zenger is meant to present life from a prositive angle and, …



It’s official: We’re sustainable – and stylish! Come by and convince yourselves. Thank you, Bunte Magazine.

Libertine Libertine


Roses are red… We love our new arrival by Libertine Libertine – perfect for Valentine’s Day! Who else is ready for spring?

Valentine's Special


To everyone who still considers red to be the color of love – take that: On the occasion of this year’s Valentine’s Day we’re having a special sale at our store, namely on all green products! This means, that there is some price reduction on all items in the BEAN’s favorite color for the entire …

Jungle Folks


How about clothes, that satisfy with a clean and minimalistic style, are handcrafted and sustainable and are – on top – inspired by artisan communities? Sounds good? It’s even better, because that’s exactly what the Swiss label „Jungle Folk“ provides and we’re happy to announce that it will join the Bean family soon. We love …

New Opening Times


News alert: We officially changed our opening times, meaning that from now on our store will be opened from 12-19pm instead of 11am-19pm. Sorry to all early birds out there but we’re now some little later beans with the conviction that there’s still enough time to catch the worms… see you soon!

Litte Beans Selection


We love our selection of items for the Little Beans! From the iconic rattles to natural cosmetics up to lovely clothing – which one is your favorite? Going to the #deep 💙 @galleryartig @lovem.laura @dasboep @littlepeopleneedmanythings @designletters #beaninspiration #kidsroom #beanstagram #kids #weloveit #thisisus #kidsaregreat #munichmeanslove Ein Beitrag geteilt von Bean Store (@thebeanstore) am Jan 25, …

Maska, Schiesser, Levis and Co.


There’s always a reason to do sale – may it be Christmas time, the changing of a season, Black Friday, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Fun at Work Day, International Kissing Day, Sweatpants‘ Day… you see where this is taking us. But we think the best reason to do sale is because we love our …



A perfect match: The scarves by the Berlin-based label blasy and our lovely Little Bean rattles! Did you know, that the patterns of the scarves are inspired by architecture? That’s no wonder since founder and designer Frauke Blasy herself is an architect. We love the combination of clear geometry and vivid colors! And the latter …