Forget Greenery, say goodbye to shop floors dominating Red – Purple is officially our autumn color crush! Purple, the color of individuality, spirituality, contrasts and yet harmony, creates a soft and feminine appearance with a very strong attitude. We love to combine it with other rather dark colors such as blue, mustard or all-time favorite …

Nathalie Jäckle


This collaboration is probably the epitome of what they call a „heart project“. We don’t want to give away too much, yet, but what we can say is that it’s worth to be excited for more details! Body art and especially female body art are going to play a major role within this special exhibition, …

Porcelain Mugs & Baby Rattles


In Oktoberfest-time it’s all about beer. This usually also means spending a lot of money, seeing a lot of drunk people (maybe oneself included) around and making friends with headaches and hangovers. However, Annika Schüler just proved, that drinking beer can also be something quite stylish! The porcelain beer mugs with wonderful motives are the best …

Red Wing Shoes


At latest since the last episode of season seven of Game Of Thrones, we all know for sure: Winter’s coming. And it’s coming soon. Although the „Wiesn“-time is known to bring some last summery days, there’s no way to avoid the approach of low temperatures and, hence, the need for appropriate clothing. To be honest, …

Das Boep


Bean there done that…. THE BEANS CONGRATULATE BOEP on being for purchase at DM-drug stores from now on. This is definitely the proof: Environmental awareness is compatible with masses and changes can be done on a big scale – especially when startig with our little ones! We’re really proud – MUNICH MEANS LOVE! Applaus 👏🏼 …

Cloetta Ehrmann x Bean Store


With the official start of a new season, we decided that it’s not only time for some new projects, collaborations, items and shop window decoration, but also for some new pictures of the store! Taken by our dear friend, neighbour, new partner and photographer Coletta Ehrmann, we’re happy to finally give our work a due stage! We …



They say good things come to those who wait… And they’re right. We’re proud to announce: Our new lookbook „Ciao Ragazzi“ is out now! Come by and have a look at how the Bean Store captured the love for fashion, individuality and zeitgeist within this booklet. See you soon, ragazzi!

IGNAZ - ein Bio-Lädchen-Intermezzo


If you don’t have anything planned on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September – now you do! And even if you have, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to experience some farm shop flair right in the center of Munich. Our favorite organic farmer Mogli Billesberger will offer the best organic products at „IGNAZ – ein …



It’s official: We have a crush on the beautiful and unique items by our dear neighbor Frankie – the best vintage store in town! Decorated with a lot of love, a small selection of items gives an individual flair to our shop decoration and is an absolute highlight to all our other wonderful products. Stop …



Here we go again – WIESN-time! And even though there are mixed views on the largest festival in the world, one can’t deny that something very special happens to the city, which makes it more vivid, hypnotic, light-hearted (okay, this one may be caused by all the beer) and transports it into a very exceptional …