As the temperatures get higher, the range of accessories to jazz up your summer outifit with gets bigger. Our favorites? Hats, headbands and – of course – sunglasses! hat – a unique item from Italy: 250€ sunglasses by Kaibosh: 100€ headband by Atelier Kaldewey: 75€



Limisu – that’s short for „Little Miss Sunshine“ and the name of our new label, which produces one of the most special earrings we’ve ever seen: They are made of formica! Yes, some of you might now already guess the architectural background the designer Nicole Reichert has – and we think that architects make the …

Galerie art:ig x Bean Store


Sale’s coming – and it’s coming soon: From the 1st to the 9th of June we’ll have a big sale together with our lovely neigbours „Galerie art:ig“ – meaning that several of our items by Carven, Perret Schaad, Hope and many more will be up to 70% off! So, stay tuned, more information is about …

Fresh Beans Are Fesch Beans


Hand’s up: Who knows the feeling of being exhausted from one week of work but can already feel the enthusiasm for the weekend ahead? So, the struggle is basically how to get Friday-night-ready with the least possible effort – and we have the solution: Come by for our Bean Store „FRESH BEANS ARE FESCH BEANS“-event …

Instagram Sale


Hand on heart: We love May and June for all their public holidays, but when it comes to explaining what exactly happend on Corpus Christi or Ascension Day, we are quite likely to falter. In order to pay tribute to the past weekend of Pentecost, we have planned a special Instagram-action: On Thursday this week, …

Wedding Look


D-Day has arrived, meaning Meghan Markle is about to marry Prince Harry and is, thus, making the hype around her peak! And although Meghan is everything but the clichée royal-to-be, her wedding date is really classy: As everyone knows, May is the month of weddings and in order to honor that, we also wanted to …



Refinement and sense of style became bags: clutches! They are by now an absolute classic when it comes to completing a chic evening look since they are easy, subtle but nevertheless an eye-catching accessory. And let’s be honest: These qualities will even convince those, who have somehow always been struggling with the lack of practical …

Jane Koenig


When it comes to talking about jewelry, our newest label has by now become as inevitable as Meghan Markle when it comes to talking about the Royals. In other words: It is an absolute essential and already fairly famous. Jane Koenig! We’re happy to announce that the beautiful items from necklaces to earrings will from …

Mother's Day


Mums do best, Mums know best – Mums are the best. And although we’re off the opinion that that’s worth honoring every single day, we don’t want to stand against social conventions and have been looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts. So, what about this protective hair perfume by Sacha Juan for all the …

Tint London


Women are addicted to shoes. At least, that’s what they say – and why react against something the media and world of men has already determinded for us? And let’s be honest: There are much worse clichés to live up to! Especially, if one takes a look at the handmade Italian leather shoes by our …