Refinement and sense of style became bags: clutches! They are by now an absolute classic when it comes to completing a chic evening look since they are easy, subtle but nevertheless an eye-catching accessory. And let’s be honest: These qualities will even convince those, who have somehow always been struggling with the lack of practical …

Jane Koenig


When it comes to talking about jewelry, our newest label has by now become as inevitable as Meghan Markle when it comes to talking about the Royals. In other words: It is an absolute essential and already fairly famous. Jane Koenig! We’re happy to announce that the beautiful items from necklaces to earrings will from …

Mother's Day


Mums do best, Mums know best – Mums are the best. And although we’re off the opinion that that’s worth honoring every single day, we don’t want to stand against social conventions and have been looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts. So, what about this protective hair perfume by Sacha Juan for all the …

Tint London


Women are addicted to shoes. At least, that’s what they say – and why react against something the media and world of men has already determinded for us? And let’s be honest: There are much worse clichés to live up to! Especially, if one takes a look at the handmade Italian leather shoes by our …

Phyne x Bean Store


As we have already announced last week, we have a new shop window installation, created by our new label PHYNE. The garments are basic but long-living, casual but modern. Combining smart design with sustainable quality, PHYNE makes fashion a real statement – in the full sense of the word: The shop window decoration is the perfect …

Perret Schaad


There are two special events that have made the news this week: Royal baby numbre three has seen the light of the day and Perret Schaad have decided to stop producing their lovely garments. Regarding the latter one, we decided to pay tribute to the ending of the designer duo’s era by offering their items …



To the ending of april, some people connect the hope for better (and definitely more stable) weather conditions, some the anticipation for the first barbecue-sessions. To some others the beginning of may might signify the official permission to put those rain coats and dark colors to bed and commit oneself to springlike patterns and shapes …



We’re PRRRoud to be able to support such a great cause: Boxing and integration. Therefore, we donated our favorite shirts and want to once again remember the fact that love is always stronger than hate. Have a good week!

BEAN prepared!


From brown to beige to delicate rose – our wardrobe is ready for a springlike upgrate. What about these beauties by Forte Forte, Jungle Folks or La Palmerie?

Sooth Munich x Bean Store


Summer has just been giving us a taste of what is going to expect us the upcoming months, namely ice cream, sunburns and much shorter clothes! Regarding the latter one, we have some new favorites by Sooth Munich in stock, such as this striped button-down skirt with a little French attitude or this smartly knotted …