Places In Munich


Time for another edition of our „BEANS‘ favorite places in Munich“. Especially on sunny days, Moni loves to stroll around the Pinakotheken and the Königsplatz or to go for some ice cream at Ice Date’s – a vegan ice cream store that makes delicious flavors (favorite: almond vanilla!). She thinks that mild summer evenings are best to spend …

Kaldewey Handcrafted


There’s no other season within a year, in which we care so much about our hair as in summer. Either it’s too long and, thus, sticky and sweaty in our faces or it’s a boring mess – but not in a cool natural beach waves kind of way, of course. As cool as all those …

Form Of Interest


„Face your universe“ – that’s the motto of the new limited Assymetrical Saturn Shirt by our beloved label Form of Interest. Not only that it’s of an unique shape, it also comes in one of the best summer colors: lilac. So, you’d better be quick… Let’s face it – the BEANS‘ universe is cooler than yours!

It's All About The Elements


The fact that we’re all in our element when we’re shopping has never been more true than now – at least at our store. Only recently, we introduced you to our new team member Sonja and now she has already taken our decoration concept to another level: The items at our store are no longer …

Welcome, Sonja Steppan!


If you ever see someone on an old one-gear bike, with a smudgy, oversized shirt saying something like „We Should all Be Mineral Collectors“, carrying a huge bag of vegetables from Verdi supermarket, it’s probably our new BEAN Sonja Steppan. Besides the compulsive hoarding of minerals or making a mess of herself while preparing or eating …

Color Your Life


Bad news for everyone who considers black to be his or her happy color: This summer is going to be colorful! Not only that unicorn lattes, rainbow hair and glitter make-up are still a thing – also with regard to fashion, we have to note that the designs have never been younger, fresher or more …

Hey Daddy


Hey again Daddies, Mummies, Kiddies and Friendos – what’s the best thing about good times? Right, they don’t just vanish and leave nothing, but turn into memories! And the even better thing? We took some photos to help remembering! So, even though some time has already passed, we wanted to use this opportunity to share …

"Hey Daddy"-Shirts


After our all-time favorite BRRRP-sweaters, it’s time to get our little ones another statement cloth: The new „Hey Daddy“-shirt, which is now available at our store. Perfect for all of the though little girls and boys, who occasionally want to remind Daddy to take care of their needs and wishes – because that’s what Daddies …



BRRRILLIANT NEWS: In order to prevent loyal Munich statement-cloth wearers from sweating, our famous BRRRP!-print is now also available on t-shirts. And the even better news is that it’s also available for children for partnerlook in the size 12-18 months! So, this is your chance to show not only who belongs with you, but also …



It’s no secret that being a mother can be considered as full-time job. Not only in terms of time and physical effort, but also regarding one’s world of ideas which is from one moment to the next only circling around one’s personal little wonder. It’s almost natural (and definitely worth it) that there’s no space to concentrate …